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We are very excited to welcome you to our website. At Virotea Charter we are particularly excited about creating this space for sea and nature lovers. Virotea Charter is much more than a boat, yacht and catamaran rental company in Ibiza. We are a big family that offers its customers all the comfort, confidence and empathy they need to enjoy their vacations without worries. For this reason, we have taken the beautiful decision to create this website. Not only for us, but also thinking about you, your needs.

Enjoy an exciting evening in Ibiza and Formentera.

The main objective of this channel is to communicate and share with our customers who we are and what we do, all this through interaction with you, we will love to read you and get to know you a little more.

Here you will find all the necessary tools for yacht and catamaran chartering, as well as very interesting content that will give you knowledge not only about our history as a company, but also about our equipment and the beautiful islands where we are located.

We like to believe that our work is not only about chartering catamarans, we also care a lot about the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Our connection with the environment will give you the incredible experience of enjoying the most of a nice day in the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Connect with nature in Ibiza and Formentera Islands

At Virotea Charter we love Ibiza and we respect the wonderful wildlife that exists in this environment. Not only do we want to offer you a unique experience, we also want to transmit the beautiful natural and magical energy that the island offers to those who visit it.

So, if you need to disconnect from the routine and spend a day in peace, either with your partner or accompanied by your family, in Virotea Charter we will be happy to provide excellent service with the best attention and pampering you deserve. Thank you very much for visiting our website! And don't forget to follow us to keep on sailing together.



Nuestro Yate Destacado

Capacidad 12 +2 Día / 6 Noche
Eslora 18,2 m

Precio desde 2150€/Día

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