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To keep our promise of '0 worries', check out the most frequently asked questions. The truth is that they are very frequent. Take a quick look. And if your question persists, contact us here.

1. I want to rent a boat in Ibiza, what do I need?

The first thing you need to know is how many of you are going to be on board, and what you like. It is advisable to know the budget you have for your rental, it is not the same if you are 2 or 12 people. On our website you will be able to see the different boats you can rent, depending on the capacity, if you like more minimalist boats, or if you prefer a sailboat.
If you do not know what will be the best boat for your vacations in Ibiza, let us help you. Write to us and we will contact you to help you see which boat best suits your needs. Our commitment is to look for the best boat available, but always bearing in mind that the best is not always the most expensive. We value in detail your needs on an individual basis.
The duration of day rentals is usually 8 hours. The check-in time is usually from 10 am. Before the day of your charter we will contact you to finalize the details. If you wish to stay to watch the sunset, it is best that you let us know beforehand, and that you speak directly with the crew to express this wish. We are a large group, are there boats with more capacity? If you are a large group and you need another type of boat, please contact us directly and explain your needs. We will look for the best boat for groups available on the dates you need.
If you are a large group and you need another type of boat, please contact us directly and explain your needs. We will look for the best boat for groups available on the dates you need.
Yes, there is no danger in taking children on board. We have all the security on board for them. You will have to take into account that children count the same as adults when hiring a boat. If the boat has a capacity of 7 and you are 4 adults and 4 children, you will not be able to rent that boat, but you will have to find one with a larger capacity.

2. Reservations

You have two ways to make a reservation for your boat rental in Ibiza.
Boats in Ibiza are usually in high demand in the summer period. That is why if you are sure about the dates you are going to be on the island, book as soon as possible to make sure you get the best boat according to your needs.
Last minute reservations are possible, as long as there is availability of the boats requested. Leaving the possibility of booking at short notice may result in the type of boat you need not being available. We will always look for the best option to meet your needs.

3. Payments

Once we have confirmed the reservation of your boat rental in Ibiza, in order to block the boat we will need you to make the payment of 50% of the total amount that we have indicated. To do this, you just have to follow the link in the email we will send you, and follow the instructions we will give you. The remaining 50% can be paid before the day of your boat rental, or when you formalize the contract on the same day at the port.
The price that we will indicate to you when we formalize your reservation will be the total amount that you will have to pay including taxes. Included with each charter is the fee for the captain and crew if necessary, some nautical toys, as well as some complimentary drinks and towels. Each boat has different extras on board, and it is indicated in the card of each one of them. What is not included are some premium drinks, food or any extra requests. Gasoline consumed on the day is also not included in the charter rate. It will be paid on the same day of the charter and its price will vary depending on the consumption of each boat.
Gasoline consumption varies greatly depending on the number of hours you are sailing, the speed at which the vehicle is set, as well as the consumption of each boat. For that reason, at the moment of the check out we will inform you of the total cost. If you want to know a rough estimate, ask us and we will be happy to help you.
We want you to enjoy without complications when you rent your boat with us. If you decide to hire any service during your day with us, at the end of the day we will provide you with the invoice of what you have hired on board.
It is customary to tip the crew that sails with us and facilitates the day aboard our boat: route tips, best places to eat, advise you at all times ... It is completely voluntary and not obligatory. If you wish to thank the crew for their work, you can give a tip of about 10% based on your experience with us. We carefully select our crew, so that they care about you having an unforgettable experience aboard our boats.

4. Logistics

There is no set schedule. The rentals usually start at 10:00 am. You can go at any time you wish, as long as you let us know in advance so that we can have the boat ready. Remember that the duration of the charters is approximately 8 hours. Keep this in mind if you want to stay to watch the sunset, as you will have to let the crew know and negotiate with them.
Sure, we love to be able to offer you whatever you need to enjoy your boat charter with us. Remember that all you have to do is let us know at the time of booking, so we can manage it and offer you the best option for you.
Although there are complimentary drinks on the ship, you can bring whatever you need to make your day a day to remember.
There are only complimentary beverages on the ship. If you think you will need more drinks, you can bring them with you without any problem. If you want us to take care of it, you can request what you need and we will offer you that extra service without worries.

5. Cancellations

In case you don't want to or can't sail the day you have chosen, we will need to consult your boat to see what penalty there might be. Normally if you cancel with less than 15 days notice, the reservation you have paid for will not be refunded.
In case of adverse weather conditions, you can change the date of the rental, as long as in the new selected date there is availability of a boat of similar characteristics. In the event of not being able to sail, the reservation can be cancelled or annulled, provided that 2 of the following conditions are met at the same time: - Wave height: wave height greater than 1 meter. - Wind speed: wind above 20 knots. - Precipitation: heavy rain for more than 2 hours of the total duration of the sailing day. *The reference to consult the weather conditions will be obtained from the WINDFINDER application. You can only cancel a reservation for a whole day (Day charter), not if the reservation is for several days. The reservation can only be cancelled at the port on the day of embarkation.

6. Exceptional measures COVID-19

We are well aware that safety and hygiene to avoid contagion is very important at this time. It is for this reason that sanitization and cleaning of our ships is done daily by disinfecting all vessels thoroughly. In addition, our staff will maintain the necessary security measures to ensure compliance with health recommendations to avoid contagions.
We are aware and responsible that the current situation requires exceptional measures and if there are new restrictions that may affect your rental date, we will refund the deposit you have made. The first thing we are interested in is that you can enjoy with us again. We will do everything in our power to facilitate the whole refund process.

7. Charter details

The experience aboard a boat is already unique and special. If you already know this feeling and you are looking for different emotions, you can try using different nautical toys. There are many possibilities and it depends on which model of boat you rent, there are some that are included. You can rent jet skis, seabobs, flyboard sessions, paddle surf, jetpack with instructor, hoverboard... you just have to decide what you want to try, and go for it!
Our crew will always guide you where you can go depending on how the wind is, what you feel like doing... They know the island and the sea conditions, and will offer you different options to make the most of your day on board. If you are sure where to go, let your skipper know. But if you are hesitating, let them guide you!
Complimentary towels are provided on board the yachts for those who have registered at the time of check in. If you wish, you can bring a change of clothes, some flip-flops and whatever you will be more comfortable on board. Remember that the important thing is to enjoy the day and it is not necessary to carry a lot of luggage.


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