Types of Water Toys

Types of Water Toys

Everyone loves nautical toys, they are a fun way to complement your day at the beach.

There are so many ways to have fun at sea and take the adventure of renting a yacht or boat to another level.

Just when you think your vacation can't get any better, fun comes along with technology and makes this Ibiza vacation the best of your life. Best of all, this kind of fun is not only for kids, but also for adults.

Here are the top 5 most innovative and fun water toys in the aquatic world.

Paddle Surf

This activity is one of the most famous in Ibiza, paddle surfing consists of standing on a board and moving with the help of an oar. It requires a lot of balance to perform this activity, but many enjoy it because they can observe the beautiful scenery while practicing it.


This is another of the famous activities to do in Ibiza, basically lies in the fact of rising with the propulsion of the water while standing on a snowboard style board.

This propulsion is caused by two water jets that thanks to the power and strength of these same make you rise above the sea, it is as if you were floating on it.


This wonderful toy allows you to navigate above and below the water through a turbine that sucks in the water and then sucks it out.

It is similar to a jet ski the function that this toy performs. All this at the speed you like and the best of all is that you can handle it yourself.

There are models that contain a selfie camera, so you can capture these incredible moments of adrenaline.


A jetboard is the ideal mix of a conventional surfboard and a jet ski, this incredible toy gives anyone the chance to surf like a pro without waiting for a good wave or the wind.

Every time you use it you will get an adrenaline rush from your body that will make you feel great.

Inflatable toys

There are the famous inflatable water toys which can never miss in a water adventure, with these toys not only children have fun, but like other toys adults can also have fun with them.

These games have a great variety, such as: the banana, the slide, the climbing wall, the trampoline among others.

All these toys are ideal to have a great time in the sea of Ibiza.

In Virotea Charter we have all the necessary toys for you to enjoy to the maximum your vacations in a yacht in Ibiza.

Contact Virotea Charter and get more information about our incredible nautical toys. Start now to plan your unforgettable vacations in Ibiza.



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