Native Fauna of Ibiza

Native Fauna of Ibiza

In the sea that surrounds this island there is a great diversity of marine fauna, hundreds of impressive species that when we see them we are astonished with their beauty. Many types of fish and shellfish are found under these beautiful crystalline waters.

In the interior of the island, the terrestrial fauna is scarce, due to the aridity of the climate and the increasing human transformation of the ecosystem. The fauna is marked by small mammals, mostly nocturnal. Some of them are: Hedgehogs, Genetta or Musk Cat, Martes, Fura or Desert Beetle and finally and most famous animal of this island, the lizard.

A very curious fact about the island is that it was not inhabited by mammals until the arrival of humans to the island.

The Virot or Balearic Shearwater (Emblematic Bird)

This small brownish-gray bird, native to the Balearic Islands, belongs to the Procellariidae family and only breeds on the Balearic Islands, although it can be found in other areas of the Mediterranean wintering or feeding.

One of the threats suffered by these birds was the hunting of these birds by feral or stray cats, the predation of lice on rats, the pollution of the sea and overfishing.

Today this species is listed as an endangered bird and is considered the most endangered bird in Europe, it is also estimated that in a few decades this bird will no longer exist.

It is important for us to keep this bird alive and save it from extinction, our identity is linked to this bird and Virotea Charter has the mission to preserve this species, this is why from our profits we donate part of our profits to help this species not to become extinct.

The Lizards

They are the most abundant and characteristic species of the island. This tiny invertebrate hides where there are walls, rocks or stones. They come in different colors, depending on where they live in the Pitiusas.

Thus, in the sands of Formentera they are almost white, while in Ibiza, you can find them green, blue or multicolored, and it is the only native terrestrial animal of the island! Because of their important presence and typical character they have become the icon and symbol of Ibiza and Formentera.


The hedgehog is exuberant, occupies all accessible habitats; in Ibiza there is the same subspecies as in the rest of the Balearic Islands, characterized by the light coloration of its fur and its limited size (compared to that of the North African populations from which it comes).

They feed on waste, gastropods, isopods, small insects and small vertebrates; the climate of the Pitiusas makes it possible for them to be active throughout the year and they are crepuscular and nocturnal

Genetta or Musk Cat

The Musk Cat is a wild mammal, diminutive in stature, but with a large and agile body. This specimen is a member of the core family Viverridae, and so far about 5 subspecies have been identified.

It is generally a nocturnal animal, quite fast and silent when hunting its prey.

Both its eyesight and sense of smell remain well developed, which is why it locates its food even in the treetops.

Take a few days and come and meet the native fauna of Ibiza.

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