Ibiza Yacht Charter: Which type of boat is right for you

Ibiza Yacht Charter: Which type of boat is right for you?

Do you dream of the perfect summer vacation with a yacht in Ibiza? There couldn't be a better way to welcome the summer so you can spend a relaxing day. Yacht parties and cruises are the best way to relax and unwind with your friends and family.

However, sometimes we are faced with the dilemma of choosing the right boat, as there are countless options available.

So, if this is your case, here is a quick and brief guide to help you choose the boat that best suits your needs.

Luxury Yachts

If you plan to enjoy a wonderful day, luxury yachts are the perfect choice. With Virotea Charter you will be able to enjoy wonderful boats that only you can choose.

Alquiler de barcos por día o semana em Formentera

Luxury yachts come complete with the finest interiors, a wealth of facilities and amenities, and a trained and experienced crew that will take care of all your needs on board.

Need speed?

If the speed demon in you craves an adrenaline-filled adventure, motor yachts are the best option for you. They are sleeker and easier to navigate compared to luxury yachts. If your vacation goal is to splash through the waters, explore multiple destinations in a short time, there could be nothing better than a motor yacht.

Alquiler yate desde 600€/día con o sin patrón. Hasta 12pax.

Sailing in Style

Catamarans are unique because they offer you the joy of sailing in the lap of luxury. They are the perfect type of boat for you if you have some sailing experience. These boats for rent in Ibiza are ideal for those who are looking to spend some leisure time with their families.

The best part about catamarans is that they sit close to sea level and have ladders that open up to the water. Who wouldn't want to lounge in style and dive into the waters to relax and rewind?

tarifas de Alquiler de Barco en Ibiza

Elegant and fast

For those looking for a smaller boat than a motorboat, speedboats are your solution. Speedboats are ideal for those who want to splash around in the waters for a few hours or a day. They have no rooms, so they are ideal for short trips. They are stylish, easy to handle if you have some experience and have a lot of fun.

Precio alquiler de barcos en Formentera

In Virotea Charter we have everything you need to rent your yacht in Ibiza.

Virotea Charter offers the most luxurious yachts ranging from luxury boats, to mega yachts, a great variety to choose your best boat. In addition to the opulence of the yachts and boat rentals for birthday parties and yacht charters in Ibiza, we offer you an experienced crew led by trained captains who can make exclusive visits to the lesser known exotic destinations on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.


Do you need expert advice? You can contact Virotea Charter, a place where you can find the best boats for rent in Ibiza and Formentera.




Nuestro Yate Destacado

Capacidad 12 +2 Día / 6 Noche
Eslora 18,2 m

Precio desde 2150€/Día

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