Hippie Markets in Ibiza

Hippie Markets in Ibiza

One of the main tourist attractions of the island are the hippie markets or also known as craft markets.

People who come to Ibiza on vacation love to visit these places thanks to the wide variety of unique products that can only be found in these markets.

They are called hippie markets because most of the merchandise sold in these markets is influenced by this culture or are handmade by the followers of this movement.

These markets have existed since the beginning of the hippie culture. In them, the handicrafts are also influenced by European and African styles.

It is very important for you to know that there is not only one market, every town of this beautiful island has at least one market of this style. That is to say, you will find in the beautiful Ibiza hundreds of markets to visit and enjoy this free culture.

Something very characteristic of the markets that alternate to open so you can visit them all.

Here we offer you the necessary information of some of the most popular hippie markets in Ibiza.

Las Dalias flea market

It is the most famous flea market in Ibiza, it is located in the municipality of San Carlos. This market is a symbol in this island and it is of obligatory character to visit this so special and attractive place.

Es Canar flea market (Punta Arabí)

The flea market Es Canar, is one of the biggest of all Ibiza and at the same time it is very genuine, it is also one of the oldest flea markets of Ibiza. They began in 1973 with only five stalls and today they have more than 500 and it is increasing, without a doubt this is one of the busiest markets in Ibiza.

Sant Joan de Labritja Market

Also known as the San Juan market, this market opens only and exclusively on Sundays, as long as the weather is favorable, with small streets that fill this beautiful place with life. Many artisans sell their unique creations.

Market of the Port of Ibiza

This market is one of those that cause more curiosity in visitors. The port of Ibiza is well known for its meeting areas, bars, street performances and LGBT venues. The jewelry products sold by these artisans are unique and unmatched only in these stalls you can get them.

As well as these, there are many other markets in Ibiza that you can know and we assure you that you will be fascinated.

When traveling to Ibiza you must visit these colorful markets full of culture.

Check the cultural agenda to see the markets that you can find during your visit. You can contact us if you want to be informed of all the news.



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